Technology: Chatbots

Industry: Artificial Intelligence (BotoSphere)

#Thought: Revive the rich traditional Indian art forms in the contemporary market of today using the skills of differently abled local artisans and hence, empower each contributor in the process!

P. K. Borthakur

​Former, Offshore Director- ONGC, India

#Thought:Help managers to deal with the complexities and the ambiguities of the 21st century. Talk to industry experts, build knowledge communities and gain insights that go a long way in facing the downturn and turmoil in some industries.

 VachSoch believes in the interdisciplinary approach.Whether it is a science-based product or an art based service both require their own counterparts which are artistic communication and scientific inquiry. VachSoch together with its #thoughtmates(Clients) works the equations, emotions, e-informations SMaArtly (Science+ Math + Art) through Podcasts and Webinars.

VachSoch #SMAART Projects

Bharat Wakhlu, Author of  Best-Selling Books- Navigating the Maze, Total Quality, Close Call in Kashmir, Restoring Values.

Brand Name: Designs By Maulshree

Industry: Eco-friendly Indian Handicrafts

The spirit of VachSoch is of a 'logophile'. We believe in the power of words, the strength of a pen and in the elevation that a turning paper lends to the reader!

Riding on the digital wave, we make sure not to forget our roots. Our love for the language and the various content forms takes our work on various platforms.

#Thought: Understand 'Chatbots', take a look at human-bot interactions and have a word about bots' role in crucial fields with the 'BotMakers'.

#Thought: Value of 'Being Decisive' in would-be leaders growth!

Whether you are a lean start-up or an established goliath who is looking for a contractual resource or a content partner during your happening professional journey, give your search a good thought break @ VachSoch!